10 Stars Farm

Location: Junction City, Oregon


About 10 Stars Farm: Owned and operated by Florentino and Estela Contreras, who have been farming their whole lives, first in Oaxaca, Mexico and then in the Willamette Valley for almost 25 years. Florentino and Estela have a rich agricultural heritage of growing food for themselves and local markets.  They are currently participating in Huerto de la Familia's Cambios business program, which includes a 12-week business class, one-on-one business consulting, and a farm booth incubator program.  Florentino and Estela are leasing property in Junction City and Creswell, where they are growing a variety of vegetables for farmer's markets, as well as a dry corn nixtamal for the Three Sisters Tortilleria in Portland. They look forward to getting their organic certification as soon as possible. 10 Stars Farm is selling at the Tuesday and Saturday Markets.  


Huerto de la Familia is a small non-profit with a mission to promote the health and economic security of Latinos in Lane County.  We manage seven community gardens throughout Eugene and Springfield where families can grow food for themselves, as well as offer business assistance to a variety of entrepreneurs. Find out more about our programs and opportunities for involvement at huertodelafamilia.org.