The mission of the Lane County Farmers Market is to preserve and strengthen the local farm and food economy by providing vibrant public marketplaces for farmers, food artisans and our community.

About LCFM

LCFM provides an opportunity for the community to purchase fresh, in-season, locally grown farm products and value-added products while interacting directly with the growers and producers. LCFM is comprised of over 85 vendors, all of whom grow or produce goods in Oregon.


LCFM is organized as a C corporation, Oregon Non-Profit, for the Mutual Benefit of the Members. The organization does not have federal tax exempt status. The Board of Directors is a eight-member council consisting of five Member Directors and three Community Directors.

The Lane County Farmers Market can trace its beginnings back to the first public market in the southern Willamette Valley, the Eugene Producers Market, which first opened in 1915. In fact, that market was located precisely where our market stands today, at 8th and Oak in downtown Eugene.


Since reorganizing in 1979, LCFM has grown at a robust pace and continues to thrive on the support of those in our community who cherish the values we embody. LCFM is the place where paths cross and community happens—our common ground.

Market History