About Us

About LCFM

LCFM provides an opportunity for the community to purchase fresh, in-season, locally grown farm products and value-added products while interacting directly with the growers and producers. LCFM is comprised of over 85 vendors, all of whom grow or produce goods in Oregon.

LCFM is organized as a C corporation, Oregon Non-Profit, for the Mutual Benefit of the Members. The organization does not have federal tax exempt status. The Board of Directors is a nine-member council consisting of five Member Directors and four Community Directors.

Our History

The Lane County Farmers Market can trace its beginnings back to the first public market in the southern Willamette Valley, the Eugene Producers Market, which first opened in 1915. In fact, that market was located precisely where our market stands today, at 8th and Oak in downtown Eugene.
Since reorganizing in 1979, LCFM has grown at a robust pace and continues to thrive on the support of those in our community who cherish the values we embody. LCFM is the place where paths cross and community happens—our common ground.



Where can I park?

Free customer parking is available on Oak Street on the block bordering the Farmers Market. In the nearby Overpark and Parcade parking garages, the first hour is free during the week and there is all day free parking on the weekends, except during signed events. For more parking options, see the Epark Eugene map


Are pets allowed at the market?

Unfortunately pets other than service animals are not allowed at the market. We thank you for helping us keep the markets safe and enjoyable for all by not bringing your pets to the market.


Can I use my EBT/SNAP/Oregon Trail Card to make purchases at the market?

Yes! All of our farmers markets accept Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT)/Oregon Trail Cards for eligible food purchases. Visit the Market Info Booth to use your EBT card.

Does the market accept credit and debit cards?

Yes! Many vendors at the market accept credit and debit cards at their booths. For those that don’t, simply visit the Market Info Booth to purchase tokens with your credit card or debit card, which can be used to buy goods at any vendor booth.


How can I become a vendor?

Please visit the Become a Vendors page to learn about the requirements and application process to sell food at our markets.


What items are sold at market?

Our vendors offer a wide variety of local vegetables, fruits, eggs, cheese, meat, seafood, honey, mushrooms, jams, sauces and salsas, pasta, drinks, baked goods, grains, beans, herbs, flowers and more. Items at market change every week, with the seasons. For an idea of some products that are in season, visit our In Season page.


Are musicians allowed to play at markets?

Yes, we allow musicians to perform at our markets. We ask that you come to the Market Information Booth the day you want to play and sign up for a time slot.

Contact Us

For directions to our farmers markets, visit our Location page.

Phone: (541) 431-4923

Mailing Address and Office:

150 Shelton McMurphey Blvd., Suite 204, Eugene, Oregon 97401

Staff & Board

Alexis Molinari, Market Manager (she/her)

The dreamy-green Pacific Northwest called my name in 2017, and I’ve been enchanted by the Valley ever since. I have a deep appreciation for when food meets art, through experimental cuisines that reflect the traditional gastronomic culture and agricultural biodiversity of different places! I believe raising awareness around food inequality, the importance of supporting local agriculture, and building a strong community and local food systems are key steps in thriving in a sustainable future. As the Market Manager, I feel lucky and proud to be able to work with every member of this organization, and I am eager to continue learning how to best support our community. When not working you can find me eating snacks, telling jokes, dancing with friends, reading comics, or playing Dungeons&Dragons! (Hablo español) 

Email Alexis: alexis@lanecountyfarmersmarket.org

Meghan Verberkmoes, Communications & Office Manager (she/her)

Vegetable nerd and wannabe gastronomist. I get excited about brassicas, fruits that have fallen out of fashion, and the lore of the kitchen. I love immersing myself in a community that celebrates local food and small farms, and have been working to promote both over the past 4 years through writing about and photographing the farmers and food artisans that are members of the Lane County Farmers Market, as well as volunteering at a local farm. When not lusting after fresh produce at the farmers market, I can be found cooking, drinking wine, or hiking in the woods.

Email Meghan: meghan@lanecountyfarmersmarket.org


Orion Lawrenz, Assistant Site Manager (they/she/he​)

Advocate for sustainability, environmental justice, and cybernetic advancements. Originally assembled in Phoenix, Arizona, I was drawn to the natural beauty that is present everywhere in Eugene, and especially to the sense of community that is so integral in every facet of the farmers market. I recently graduated from UO with a degree in environmental studies and sustainable business. I love to use my position as a pathway to learn about different perspectives and cultures through both conversation and food. When not working, I spend my time cooking, playing video and table games, moshing at concerts, and reviewing cyberpunk media!

Email Orion: orion@lanecountyfarmersmarket.org

Sha Cabal, Office Assistant (she/her)

I came to the fertile soil of Willamette Valley, seeking refuge from the urban jungle of Southern California. Meanwhile, I fell in love with working outdoors and growing local, organic food. What I enjoy most about this community is its immense support for local farms, artists, and independent businesses. I feel blessed for the ever-changing role I have played in this vision that strives towards sustainability and living in harmony with the land.  When I’m not at the Farmers Market, you can find me shredding on my bike, dipping in the river, or making coffee for my neighborhood.

Email Sha: sha@lanecountyfarmersmarket.org

Poppy Marin, Market Assistant (they/them)

I was born and raised in the PNW growing up with the beauty my whole life I didn’t truly appreciate it until I moved to Oregon. I originally moved here for college and ended up finding community and have stayed quite a bit longer! I enjoy spending most of my time with my animals and am excited to be working at the farmers market. My future goals include having a farm of my own so I am very exited to be on this end of getting to know our local farmers and people who frequent the market! 

Evelyn Costello, Market Assistant (she/they)

Multimedia artist with a penchant for gardening and botanical witchcraft. Moved to Oregon in 2019 for the moss. Stayed for the wacky people and rich community. A year of my schooling was dedicated to seed sovereignty, immigration/farmwork, as well as ethical farming practices. These are issues close to my heart which I hope to do more work with. Inching my way back into academia, but I’ll happily play in the dirt a while longer. When I’m not at market you can find me baking, taking care of my plants, or doing a craft I picked up that week.
As always- Love people! Cook them good food!!

Sonya Brown, FMPP Program Coordinator (she/her)

Farmer first, creative second. I hail from a horticulture background, but found myself launched into the farming community when I moved to the Willamette Valley in 2018. Over the last several years, I have had the pleasure of growing with various local farms and fell deeper and deeper in love with the connection to local food and the hearty people producing it. I now work with the market to assist farmers with the nitty-gritty details around compliance and grant program access, so farmers can continue to do what they do best; produce food. When I’m not working for the market, I’m either tending my own 2-acre parcel, lounging on a friend’s farm, tattooing, or frolicking through the trees.

Email Sonya: sonya@lanecountyfarmersmarket.org

Our Board

Shawn Broderick, President

Shelley Schuler, Vice President & Secretary

Ben Tilley, Treasurer

Yonatan Herzbrun, Member Director

Adam Lee, Member Director

Shandon Bates, Community Director

Bean Metcalf, Community Director

Eric Brown, Community Director

Our Market’s New Home

The Need

The Lane County Farmers Market serves as a vibrant community meeting place where people from all walks of life come together in pursuit of healthy, locally grown foods. More than 10,000 people visit the farmers market on a busy Saturday, bringing economic benefits to local farmers and food artisans as well as other downtown businesses. 

Our Vision

We partnered with the City of Eugene and Lane County to redevelop our market site at 8th Avenue and Oak Street. Our priority was keeping the farmers market at its 8th and Oak location while creating an expanded market site that included both indoor and outdoor vending spaces. The new site includes:

  • Roughly 48,000 sq. ft. of outdoor vending space.
  • Adequate space for customer circulation and gathering spaces to make it a shopping destination where consumers can spend up to several hours.
  • An overall space design that could serve as a public park on non-market days.
  • A 10,000-12,000 sq. ft. covered structure to accommodate year-round market operations.

Learn more about the new Farmers Market Pavilion and Plaza here. Find information on renting the Pavilion here.

Farmers Market Pavilion Taking Shape in Downtown Eugene

Farmers Market Pavilion Taking Shape in Downtown Eugene

EUGENE, Ore. - Work continues on the new Farmers Market Pavilion in downtown Eugene where the butterfly parking lot once stood. Demolition and site preparation started in May 2022. Construction started in August. The pavilion is expected to be complete this spring in...

Our Safety Plan

Fresh and nutritious food is vital, and with safety as our highest priority, our outdoor farmers market is here to nourish our community. The Farmers Market is operating as an essential access point to fresh, locally grown food.​

Please help us create a safe and healthy shopping environment for everyone by following these community guidelines: ​​

  • Stay home if you are sick, have symptoms, or have been exposed to someone with symptoms. 
  • The State of Oregon lifted its statewide mask restrictions on March 12th. LCFM still highly supports and encourages mask-wearing at the market. We are following the State of Oregon’s guidelines and lifting the mask requirement for vendors and staff. Though even when not required, OHA still recommends individuals wear masks in certain situations (like in outdoor crowded areas) to slow the spread of COVID-19.
  • Please be respectful of those around you and give each other space even though formal distancing is no longer required.
  • Please be mindful and respect individual vendor signs and policies about how you should enter their booth and how you should access their products.
  • Click here to see information on OHA Mask Requirements.

Thank you for your support of our efforts to minimize the risk of transmission in our community while continuing to provide access to locally grown and produced foods!