Five Farm Spring Tuna Salad

An LCFM Recipe



Jalapeño tuna - Brandywine Fisheries

Purple daikon – Turnip the Beet

Black radish – Winter Green Farm

White salad turnips - (anyone farm vendor that has them!)

Shallot – Ruby & Amber's Organic Oasis

Mustard greens - Ruby & Amber's Organic Oasis

Sorrel - Groundwork Organics

Kale flowers - Groundwork Organics

Italian purple and white radish – Organic Redneck

Mixed greens – Organic Redneck

Optional: Kale flowers - Groundwork Organics

Optional: Garlic Kraut - Grateful Harvest


Mix one can tuna with desired amount of mayonnaise, salt and pepper to taste. Chop shallot, salad turnips, and radishes into a very small dice and mix into tuna mixture. Finely chop mustard greens and half of sorrel and add to tuna mixture.


Make a bed of mixed greens, adding in remaining sorrel. Spoon tuna on top and add a spoonful of kraut to the side. Garnish with kale flowers.