For Vendors

To apply for the 2021 Farmers Market, please download the vendor handbook and application below. Apply at least 2 weeks before you hope to sell at market. Application forms can be emailed to or mailed to our office (address on the form). 


Membership dues for the year are $100 if your application is received by 2/1/21; $125 if your application is received after 2/1/21. Weekly booth prices and other vending information can be found in the Vendor Handbook and on the application form. 

* If you are a craft vendor wishing to vend at the Saturday Market, please contact Eugene Saturday Market



Vendors must meet the following requirements in order to be eligible for membership and vending at LCFM. The following items must be completed or agreed to before participating in any of LCFM’s markets:


  • Vendors’ products must be grown or produced in Oregon.​ Prepared food vendors must use at least 25% of raw ingredients that are locally grown in each product. 


  • No reselling of any kind is permitted.​


  • Agree to read and abide by the rules laid out in the LCFM Vendor Handbook.​


  • All new vendors must attend an orientation prior to their first vending date to be set by the Market Manager.​


  • Vendor application, along with all applicable licensing, documents, and membership dues must be received in the LCFM offices at least two weeks prior to attending any market.​


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