Guide to Winter Greens



Greens are irresistible in the winter. It’s the time of year when we have finally tired of the soft sweet smoosh of roasted winter squash, of thick soups, and even of warm vegetables au gratin, oozing with cheese. Although we’re accustomed to abundance here in the Willamette Valley for the majority of the year, those few weeks between the holidays and the start of the winter farmers market can present a bit of a challenge for eating seasonally and locally. However, the challenge doesn’t last long. Local farmers have been coaxing new, fresh, green life from the ground and though the days are still short, the relatively mild weather in the southern Willamette Valley typically allows for ample and varied produce at the market. The tables at the Winter Market are piled high with stacks of dark green kale, frilly mustard greens, big round cabbages, and deep red radicchio, to name a few. Check out our Guide to Winter Greens for more information and recipe ideas: