Horai Farm 

Location: Eugene, Oregon


We believe in the ability of agriculture to be a regenerative net-positive on the land and are striving to incorporate principles of sustainability and self-sufficiency into raising animals and vegetables. Since starting in early summer 2019 with 100 laying chickens,  three guard geese, and a bunch of dahlias, we've since added both meat and laying ducks, meat goats and pigs, and a wonderfully melancholy guard donkey. In addition to their eggs and meat, all of our animals aid in preparing and maintaining the soil for the vegetables, herbs, and flowers we grow and improving the soil in our pasture.

Our poultry spend their days free-ranging; they are fed a mix of a northwest local, corn and soy free, whole grain feed - fermented before it's fed out - and diverted organic food waste. Our pigs root up blackberry crowns and wild carrot root and are fed a mix of diverted organic food waste and diverted dairy waste. Our goats forage for blackberry leaves, grasses, and wild carrots tops. 

Ask us about our farming practices -- we’d love to share!

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