Horton Road Organics

Website: www.hortonorganics.com


Location: Blachly, Oregon


About Horton Road: Our five acre organic farm began in 1992 in the tradition of high yielding, biointensive, raised bed agriculture. This approach relies on lots of hands on care and attention to quality that fosters a particular vitality customers say they appreciate in their produce. Located in the Oregon coast range, our land is particularly suited to delicious salad greens and sweet root crops like beets and carrots that love the loamy mountain soil. Our community is particularly known for its dedication to educating the next generation of organic farmers and hosts a six month intensive residential training each year for 3-5 interns- many of whom go on to start their own farms upon graduation. The farm also is home to the Empty Field Zendo which supports meditation and mindfulness practice and hosts silent retreats and lke minded events.