Member Comment to Joint Elected Officials

Please copy and paste the below 4 paragraphs and follow the instructions below to submit a comment to City and County officials. Feel free to add to or change the language to express your views. Thank you!!

I am writing as a member of the Lane County Farmers Market. I feel strongly that the Lane County Farmers Market should remain at its location of 8th Avenue and Oak Street; I am open to different options that would allow the farmers market to remain at this site. I want to thank both Lane County and the City of Eugene for supporting the farmers market and for carefully considering where to locate an expanded market site.


On a busy Saturday during the summer, over 10,000 people come downtown to the market from across Lane County and further afield. The confluence of the Lane County Farmers Market and the Eugene Saturday Market creates a vibrant shopping experience, and significant economic activity.  Visitors spend their dollars locally at both of the markets, and spread the wealth to other businesses throughout the downtown area. These dollars are critical to sustaining small, local businesses like mine.


Since I began selling at the farmers market I have seen firsthand the lack of space and sorely needed improvements at the site. Competition is high for coveted spaces to sell at the farmers market, and it can take a small business years to be able to sell at market on a Saturday. Customers often complain of how crowded and difficult it is to get around the market. Additionally during the cold and rainy months, business is hurt since there is little covered space for visitors to browse and spend their money. An expanded and improved farmers market site would support our community’s values regarding local farms and food.


The Lane County Farmers Market greatly appreciates the Urban Renewal funds allocated for an improved market site, and for the continued support of both the County and City. I urge you to please keep the farmers market at 8th and Oak Street, so that we can keep serving the community there for the next 100 years.   


1. Go to      Top of the webpage looks like the below image.

2. Scroll down to the comment/survey form box.

4. After the ranking bubbles, scroll down to where it says "I want the City and County to know".

5. Click where it says "Your answer", and paste the copied comment from above.

3. For the first question with ranking bubbles, be sure to rank how important the location of the farmers market is to you.

6. If you choose to answer the last question "My preference for the location of City Hall and the Courthouse", options 2 and 3 would keep the market on the Butterfly Lot.

7. Be sure to hit the "Submit" button at the bottom when done!