If you’ve had a chance to visit downtown over the past week, you may have seen the huge changes that have been made since the City of Eugene began the demolition of the Butterfly Lot. Now we would like to show you the scene from the other side of the fence. Check out this video embedded below from MetroTV or follow the link for an inside view on the demolition (literally), thanks to drone technology.

Since May, City contractors have been working to clear the old structure to make room for the new Park Blocks Pavilion and Plaza which will be the permanent home for the Lane County Farmers Market. Construction will begin in July and the Pavilion is scheduled to be complete in early 2022.

We’re looking forward to seeing the finished site and enjoying the Farmers Market year-round in Downtown Eugene.

2021_06_14 Park Block Pavilion Teaser.mp4 from MetroTelevision on Vimeo.

Source: Eugene Daily News