Salsa Garcia



Location: Eugene, Oregon


About Salsa Garcia: I sell traditional Mexican comfort food that is authentic to a region where I grew up: Calexico, California a border town of Mexicali, México. We offer authentic homemade salsa and tamales made to perfection to take home and share with family and friends. I make three different sauces, original salsa, salsa verde and chicano chile (enchilada sauce). Unlike most salsa you find in this area my sauces are blended and full of flavor. Typically, my tamales are filled with bold zesty marinated pork or beef, wrapped up in a subtle sweet cornmeal/masa and steamed. Vegetarian and vegan tamales are also a big hit in town.

Farmers Market Minute Mar 24 2016 - KZEL 96.1

Watch Patricia Garcia Rogers of Salsa Garcia on KVAL TV talk about her authentic Mexican sauces and tamales.