Sekao Bonsai

Phone: (541) 735-3577 


Location: Eugene, Oregon


About Sekao Bonsai: Sekao Bonsai began as a hobby 24 years ago while my partner Elizabeth and I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area. A bonsai nursery was located a few miles from our house and I became fascinated by the artform. We turned it into a full-time business 14 years ago when we began selling at the farmers market and a few retail outlets. It is something that is fairly uncommon and unique to Oregon which lends itself to the succes we've been able to obtain. We wll a variety of bonsai trees including Japanese Garden Junipers, Ficus Retusal, Japanese Maples, Monterey Cypress, and Pachira.

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(541) 431-4923
150 Shelton McMurphey Blvd. #204
Eugene, OR 97401
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