Our Staff

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Our Board

Alexis Molinari, Market Manager

I come from a multicultural background and have relocated across the Atlantic Ocean a couple of times. The dreamy-green Pacific Northwest called my name in 2017, and I’ve been enchanted by its fairy-tail feel ever since. I'm a big foodie with a deep appreciation for the cultural influences and ingredients in a dish, as well as a deep appreciation for all snack foods! Instilled with a passion for social and food justice, I spend my time working on food insecurity prevention and food waste reduction via Eugene Community Fridges. I believe raising awareness around food inequality, urban farming, the importance of supporting local and the bitter truth of the food industry is a key step in thriving in a sustainable future. As the Market Manager, I feel lucky to be able to work with every member of this organization, and I am eager to continue learning how to best serve our community! When not working you can find me roller-skating at the local skatepark and the roller derby rink, playing Dungeons&Dragons or reading comics!

Shawn Broderick, President
Erica Mitchell, Vice President
Beth Ballantyne, Secretary
Mike Sullivan, Treasurer
Shaundele Leatherberry, Member Director
Ben Tilley, Member Director
Tom Murray, Member Director
Pam Spettel, Community Director
Jody Kirtner, Community Director

Meghan Verberkmoes, Communications & Office Manager

Vegetable nerd and wannabe gastronomist. I get excited about brassicas, fruits that have fallen out of fashion, and the lore of the kitchen. I love immersing myself in a community that celebrates local food and small farms, and have been working to promote both over the past 4 years through writing about and photographing the farmers and food artisans that are members of the Lane County Farmers Market, as well as volunteering at a local farm. When not lusting after fresh produce at the farmers market, I can be found cooking, drinking wine, or hiking in the woods.

Emily Mackenzie, Market & Office Assistant

Willamette Valley local, prone to long aimless walks and impulsive hair cuts. I'm an incessant doodler and can always find inspiration at the farmer's market. If you look closely, you might find examples of my produce infatuation as you wander the market. I've been working for LCFM since 2017 and love the community that I've found here.