The Mushroomery



Location: Lebanon, Oregon


About The Mushroomery: Jen and Dustin are owners of The Mushroomery, based out of Lebanon, Oregon. We are a certified organic, family-owned mushroom farm with a focus on gourmet and medicinal mushrooms, companion planting with fungi and education. We buy growing substrates from local farmers and grow our own spawn in a laboratory we built. We wildcraft mushrooms in an ethical manner to ensure the health of ecosystems and love educating others on the many important roles of fungi. We offer fresh and dried, grown and wild mushrooms, "grow your own" indoor mushroom kits and outdoor mushroom patches, dowel plug spawn, mushroom gravy, mushroom spices and medicinal mushroom tinctures. The health of people and the earth are our priorities and why we started our farm.

Famers Market Minute Mar 16 2016 - KZEL 96.1