Winter Green Farm



Location: Noti, Oregon


About Winter Green Farm: Winter Green Farm, a family farm started in 1980, is a value-driven business. Our mission statement—“A productive farm in harmony with the earth, humanity, and ourselves”—grounds the values and goals that we seek to bring into the world through our farm.


Winter Green Farm was among the first certified organic farms in Oregon in 1984. We are an award-winning farm, and seek to provide you with the highest-quality organic food possible, while also safeguarding and enhancing the natural legacy of the 171 acres of land we steward. The quality of our crops is rooted in the vibrant health of our farm ecosystem, so we farm with the whole of nature in mind. Soil structure, the tilth, is extremely important to us. We don't seek only to fertilize our crops, but to heal and strengthen the soil in which our crops are grown.

Farmers Market Minute Feb 3 2016 - KZEL 96.1