Yep Yep Organic Farm



Location: Dexter, Oregon


About Yep Yep: At Yep Yep Farm we utilize aquaponics and permaculture. Aquaponics is a growing technique that involves growing fish and vegetables in a cycling system, fertilizing the plants with the fish-waste water, which in turn cleans the water for the fish. We are very excited to introduce this new way of growing to the Eugene area. In the future we hope to establish and expand our vegetable varieties and add fruits from their orchard. We will also be branching off into renewable energy and green design with emphasis on passive solar, geothermal and solar properties.

Farmers Market Minute May 5 2017 - KZEL 96.1
Farmers Market Minute Oct 20 2016 - KZEL 96.1

Louisa and Jason Waligoske from Yep Yep farm talk about how to make a blooming salad on KVAL 

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